1. This list of protocols will be available to all congregants electronically via email and church website at    prior to a first service. This plan will be updated as needed.


  1. Pre-service measures:
  2. An assessment of likely attendance has already been done
  3. Likely attendance is 50-60 people on any given Sunday
  4.        The estimation of mass occupancy is about 110 people in the sanctuary
  5.        TLC will follow state and federal guidelines
  6.        If attendance increases, a second service will be added at a later date
  7.        A greeter will be placed at the entrance door prior to service
  8. Bathrooms, door handles and knobs, stage area, and greeting area will be                                                                       cleaned prior to and post service
  9.        No food, drink or drinking fountain will be available; congregants are encouraged to bring their                                      own beverages
  10.        Signage will be placed reminding attendees about the “no touch” rule
  11.        Signage will include warnings and information about COVID-19 symptomatic persons
  12. For example, symptoms of COVID-19 can include: FEVER, COUGH, SHORTNESS OF                                                     BREATH, CHILLS, HEADACHE, MUSCLE PAIN, SORE THROAT, OR LOSS OF                                                           TASTE OR SMELL. OTHER LESS COMMON SYMPTOMS INCLUDE                                                                                    GASTROINTESTINAL SYMPTOMS LIKE NAUSEA, VOMITING, OR DIARRHEA
  13.         For seating in sanctuary we encourage 6ft of social distancing and families and households are                         encouraged to be seated and grouped together
  14. Bibles, connect cards, offering envelopes, and pens have been removed from the seating area
  15. The building will have a complete surface cleaning after every service and will not be used                                             during the week with exception to Pastor’s weekly use. (Railings, handles, tables, sinks, chairs,                                           etc)
  16.         Hand sanitizer will be available at entrance and in hallway by bathrooms
  17.         Due to Governor mandate July 25, 2020 face coverings are required per Executive Order                                               20-81. The executive order includes exemptions for people who are unable to wear or tolerate                                             a face covering due to medical or mental health condition or other reasons.
  18. Prior to a first meeting, the pre-service communication message will warn any symptomatic                                           individuals (or those who suspect exposure) to stay home 2-3 weeks before checking with the                                             Pastor about possible attendance
  19.         High risk people are highly encouraged to stay home
  20.        Nursery and children’s church will be provided starting August 16, 2020 with                                                                   guideline listed below


  1. During Service
  2. Doors open: 8:45am
  3. Dismissal: 10:00-10:15am
  4. The service will be structured for 20-30 minutes of singing (state members socially                                                          distanced), and 30-40minutes of announcements and message
  5. Common areas will be closed with the exception of bathrooms
  6. No communion will be passed or taken during services
  7. Financial gifts and offering will be given on the way out of the building post dismissal in                                                      offering plate on table at the entrance of church (no touch necessary)
  8. Trash cans will be open-top
  9. At service end, families will be dismissed into the parking-lot
  10.         All social distancing practices will be encouraged




  1. Post service
  2.        The building will be closed to the congregation after service with exception of volunteers for                                          clean up and sanitization
  3.        Conversations in the parking lot will be allowed and encouraged at 6ft social distancing.




  1. Kids Church/Nursery Re-opening Plan



All kids will have their temperature checked with a forehead thermometer by a volunteer at check in to help ensure no sickness is spreading in our kid spaces. Any temp over 99.5 will be asked to enjoy service online at home. Kidmin volunteers will also be required to have temperatures checked as well.

  • To help identify sickness early, volunteers and all kids that want to utilize kids areas are asked to complete a health and exposure survey prior to arriving at church. The survey will be on the church website.
  • Kids Church children will get checked in upon arrival to church and remain in Kids church area.
  • As usual nursery age kids will be checked in before service starts.
  • After church has ended parents will pick up their child from kids church and or nursery and exit the building promptly so that clean up can begin.
  • Volunteers responsible for clean-up/sanitize of their area after service.
  • All items and surfaces used will be sanitize



Health Survey


Have you had any of the following symptoms within 14 days of the last time you were at Triumphant Life Church that you cannot attribute to another health condition?


  • Fever (99.5 degrees F or higher) or feeling feverish?
  • Chills?
  • A new cough?
  • Shortness of breath?
  • A new sore throat?
  • New muscle aches?
  • New headache?
  • New loss of smell or taste?



Exposure Survey


Do any of the below apply to you within 14 days of the last time you were at Triumphant Life Church?


  • A household member has experienced the above health symptoms within the last 14 days and/or has been told by a medical provider to isolate and/or has tested positive for COVID-19.


  • A co-worker or someone you’ve had close contact with has experienced the above health symptoms within the last 14 days and/or has been told by a medical provider to isolate and/or has tested positive for COVID-19.


  • You have traveled to an area that has a high infection rate for COVID-19 (see CDC website) or have been on a cruise ship within the last 14 days.